Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods & His Love Boat

Well, i've got to admit it: i'm following this story about Tiger and his mistresses around the world. Although i've been in a monogamous relationship (as far as i know) for 21 years, i would have to honestly tell you that if i were in Tiger's position (enormously rare wealth, being sought after by beautiful women, traveling away from home, and being under pressure during tournament play), i'd probably do exactly what he has apparently been doing to relieve anxiety and loneliness. When are we going to admit it? It is next to impossible to have these perfectly monogamous relationships (even Jimmy Carter admitted to lusting after women in his imagination); sexual interest wanes after dozens, hundreds of times with the same partner. Nature provides so many beautiful individuals to stimulate our lust. If we have opportunity, many of us will go for the orgasm and worry about ramifications later. Nonetheless, that necessary orgasm to relieve tension does not diminish the love for our marriage partner. Love can endure between partners who understand the nature of man, forgive, and work on a wonderful friendship that can grow even stronger as a new dimension of honesty is explored.

I wish Tiger the best in working out these private problems that so many couples face.

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